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Krav Maga




6 week course, begins Wednesday, Nov 21, 8-9pm

Register with the Fighting Rabbi, instructor Michoel Shapiro.  or call 714-376-7181. $125, men’s class. 

Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise again... 

Last week after four yeshiva boys were attacked in Toronto, one of the mothers sent the following letter/email to our instructor, Rabbi Shapiro:  

Letter to Michoel from grateful Parent.jpg 

Be smart people! 

Register with the Fighting Rabbi, instructor Michoel Shapiro. or call 714-376-7181. $125, men’s class.

[If there are at least 5 women interested in Krav Maga training, we will schedule a time for the ladies. Let Rabbi Shapiro know.]

Certified instructor, Rabbi Michoel Shapiro, A.K.A. "The Fighting Rabbi".

► Dealing with an active shooter situation in a public place, or school.

► Defense against a gun threat (being taken hostage at gunpoint).

► Defense against knife attack.

► Defense against a knife threat (being taken hostage at knife point).

► Defense techniques against common unarmed attacks.

► Combative principles and tactics.

Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.
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