Dear Friends,

While this may not be your first time making Pesach, it certainly will be different. This year, many of us will either be alone or with immediate family only.

In response to those asking for guidance on how to prepare for their Seder, here is a list of To-Dos & FAQs.

I know there is a lot of information, but I am trying to include as much as possible. 

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With heartfelt wishes for a peaceful, healthy, kosher and joyous Pesach,

Rabbi Mendy and Altie Kasowitz

PS. Don't forget to sell your chametz.  

Leading your own seder is a lot simpler than it seems. A standard Haggadah has all the instructions and guidance necessary to walk through the 15 steps of the Seder like a pro. So just pull out your haggadah (or print one below) and read through it in advance.

Here is what you’ll need for the Seder:

  • Haggadah booklet.
  • Matzah (handmade shmurah matzah is preferred).
  • Wine or grape juice.
  • Marror (bitter herbs, typically romaine lettuce and grated horseradish).
  • Vegetable for dipping (onion, potato or parsley).
  • Saltwater (DYI, salt and water).
  • Food for your Passover feast (make sure its kosher for Passover and does not contain roast meat ).
  • Roasted bone (Chabad custom is a chicken neck, which may be easier to procure than a lamb shank).
  • Charoset (mixture of nuts, apples and wine).
  • Cooked Eggs.
  • Cutlery, dishes, cups (either disposable or kosher for Passover).

Here are some ideas for a: Full Seder Shopping List


Wine: Every individual needs to drink four cups of wine or grape juice, so a bottle of wine per person per Seder is a safe bet. (If you have small, 3 oz. cups, a single bottle should just be enough for two nights.)

Matzah: If you are alone, 3 matzahs for each evening will cover you just fine. You should factor in an additional two matzahs per additional participant, as well as some extra for snacking during the meal. (There are various customs of exactly how much matzah to eat, and some matzahs are thicker and bigger than others. These estimates assume you will be using round matzah, which is somewhat larger than square, but better to err on the side of caution.)

Marror: Each person needs to have two portions of maror (one eaten alone and one as part of the korech sandwich), each one at least 2/3rds of an ounce (total). Preparing two ounces per person per night will have you covered.

Vegetables and Saltwater and Charoset: Even a minimal amount will do (in fact you should eat less than an olive-size of the dipping vegetable).

Roasted bone: Is not eaten at all, so you just need one per seder plate.

Egg: One egg per seder plate is fine. Some have the custom to eat the egg during the meal. 

Feast Food: Bear in mind that you will be eating after having imbibed two cups of wine, and lots of matzah and marror, so you may not be too hungry.

Pritable Haggadahs online

Choose from a number of options. Pick one to fit your style and print as many as you need. Print my Haggadah

Essential Seder Recipes

Here are some essential recipes for your at-home-seder.

For further information, including FAQ's for at-home-seders, see here.

What Else? 

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