E r e v P u r i m

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fast of Esther

5:07am Fast Begins

8:00am Shachris

5:20pm Mincha

5:45pm Maariv

6:00pm Megillah reading.

Fast Ends at 6:15pm, preferable to wait until after the Megillah to eat.

Come in Costume! Bagels n’ lox, l’chaims! Music DJ!

7:30pm Second Megillah reading


P u r i m D a y

Thursday, March 1, 2018

8:00am Shachris

8:45am Megillah reading

4:00pm Megillah reading

5:00pm Mincha

5:15pm Final Megillah reading, followed by Purim Feast!

Masquerade! L’chaims! Vince Comedy Magic! Arts N’ Crafts!

RSVP requested | $25 adult, $12 child - in advance

($30 adult, $15 child - at the door) under 3 Free!