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If you are looking to give away your books, check out this link to a Facebook group called "Buy, Sell, or Swap Sefarim" 

Call or text/whatsapp Paul Newman to set up a time for Shaimos drop off  908-477-9153.  
Click Here  to Pay Online
$35 - per box
$35 - 30 gallon garbage bag
$20 - paper shopping bag
Please pay online before you drop off or bring cash or check at the time of drop off.   
You may drop off your bag(s) or box(es) of Shaimos at Chabad of West Orange, 401 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange after arranging a time with Paul.

Please do not stuff boxes or bags
Please do not leave anything too heavy. If its too heavy for you to pick up, its too heavy for us. 
Please do not use larger than 30 gallon garbage bag.
We are doing this as a service to the community. We value and appreciate your support. 



Guidelines for Disposal of Holy Objects

Holy Objects Must be set aside in "shaimos" and are subsequently buried.
Included in this category are such items as: Torah scrolls, tefillin, mezuzah scrolls, tzitzit or tallit fringes; Torah books and materials containing G‑d's name.

Discardable Items:
Kippot, audio or video materials, computer disks.

 Click Here for more information on Shaimos.